The Valuable 500

Our Valuable 500 companies and leaders have committed to putting disability inclusion on their business leadership agenda. We’re processing new companies all the time and are proud to announce the following confirmed organisations.

Valuable Leader: Julie Sweet

Region: North America

Accenture’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Accenture’s Board of Directors reflects geographic, age, gender and ethnic diversity. Among the external directors, female representation is currently at 40 percent — including our non-executive chair of the board. The Board meets quarterly and in 2019, will discuss disability inclusion as part of its discussions around inclusion and diversity, which is driven by the Accenture Diversity Council.

As part of this review, our Accenture Diversity Council, made up of senior leaders across the business including members with disabilities, meet quarterly to set our inclusion & diversity goals. In the last two years, we have established an internal score card that measures the recruitment, retention and advancement of our employees with disabilities. This enables us to offer new benefits, accommodations and assistive technologies to our people and new candidates.

We also established the Accessibility Council – led by our General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Chad Jerdee and Chief Information Officer, Andrew Wilson. The Council ensures accessible technology across our entire enterprise as we continue to advance disability inclusion as a source of innovation, creativity and competitive advantage. Accenture strives to create a workplace where everyone feels they belong.

Valuable Leader: Michael Anghie

Region: Australia

APM’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Thierry Breton

Region: Global

ATOS’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  1. Improve the availability of assistive technologies for Atos Employees & improve the Accessibility of our core employee tools as an integrated part of our DigitalNow transformation Program & in line with our global accessibility policy.
  2. Support and Grow our Employee disability networks as part of our We are Atos program.
  3. Develop and deploy training programs focussed on disability and accessibility.

Valuable Leader: Ashok Vaswani

Region: United Kingdom

Barclays’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Peter Grauer

Region: Global

Bloomberg’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Dennis Muilenburg

Region: Global

Boeing’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Boeing is on a journey to raise disability awareness and reshape conceptions of ability. This is another step toward creating an environment where talented people of all abilities can be valued and do their best work. Our commitment to an accessible culture is illustrated through our ongoing investment in professional networks, the internal Boeing Employee Ability Awareness Association business resource group, educational resources, a centralized accommodations unit, and accessible work spaces. Late last year, for the third year in a row, Boeing achieved a top score of 100% on the Disability Equality Index, a joint initiative of the American Association of People with Disabilities and Disability:IN. Further, in September, Boeing was recognized as a 2018 National Organization on Disability Leading Disability Employer.

Valuable Leader: Staci Kroon

Region: Central America

BraunAbility’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

BraunAbility was founded with an innate commitment to improve the lives of people with disabilities because we have always built solutions through the eyes of our consumers. Today, we are one of the most well-known and trusted names in the mobility industry and we remain devoted to this purpose.

We have made inclusion a top priority in 2019 and are committed to the following actions:

  • Inviting disability candidate referral sources from around the state to our production facility to establish a partnership and reach more employment candidates with disabilities.
    Opening a new global headquarters in Carmel, Indiana, designed to meet the highest standards of accessibility to ensure it is well-suited for employees with disabilities.
  • Launching a new social impact platform, Drive for Inclusion, to unite and listen to the voices of people with mobility disabilities, and mobilize this group, along with employees and volunteers, to take action to improves access. Our first action is an initiative designed to prevent abuse of accessible parking spaces.

Staci Kroon
CEO, BraunAbility

Valuable Leader: Juan Manuel González Serna

Region: Global

Cerealto Siro Foods’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The integration of people with disabilities into our workforce is a guiding principle in our organisation. They are an example of tenacity, self-improvement and enormous commitment, and they teach us every single day that nothing is impossible.

We have committed to promoting high quality job opportunities for these groups and to ensure their inclusion in society, through the following actions:

  • Have the inclusion of people with disabilities at the top of our business agenda.
  • Secure that at least 10% of our workforce are people with barriers to work, specifically, people with disabilities.
  • Introduce a volunteering experience with these groups to increase awareness within our workforce and promote a more open and accepting work environment.
  • Collaborate with new organisations that aim to facilitate the labour inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • The Grupo Siro Foundation will continue to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in society and to sponsor the Paralympic games.

Valuable Leader: Alejandro Ramirez Magaña

Region: Mexico

Cineopolis’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Luis Sayeg

Citibanamex’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“We’re going to work with others across the firm to sustain an inclusive culture for individuals with disabilities.  Every colleague at Citibanamex, including those with disabilities, should understand that we want them to participate fully in our community and our business – and if they need support in order to do so, we are committed to providing it.”

Luis Sayeg, LatAm´s Disability Affinity Leader

Valuable Leader: Kevin Kingston

Region: Northern Ireland

Danske Bank’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“We have committed to discuss disability inclusion at Board level and have set up a disability action group within the bank to actively promote inclusion around disabilities in the workplace.”

Valuable Leader: Richard Houston

Region: United Kingdom

Deloitte’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Deloitte we pride ourselves on being a great place to work. Yet – as is our way – we’re always striving to be even better. We want all our people to thrive and succeed – that’s why we continue to make inclusion an Executive priority.

We are committed to providing an environment of respect, dignity and belonging for all, where our people feel able to be themselves and can realise their ambitions based on their talent, no matter what their background, preferences or personal characteristics. We believe that an inclusive culture that embraces difference is crucial to our firm’s success, both in terms of attracting and retaining the best people and enabling us to provide innovative solutions to our clients’ most complex issues.

Our commitments to disability inclusion include:

  • Implementing a seamless process for workplace adjustments, enabled by agile working and
  • Ensuring our working environment is accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all
  • Scaling our approach to recruiting and retaining neurodiverse talent, working with our charity and social enterprise partners
  • Providing awareness and education to ensure that all of our people lead and are led in an inclusive and bias-free way

Valuable Leader: Mark Weinberger

EY’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Diversity & Inclusion are essential elements of culture, which defines any organization. These are core pieces of the EY Vision 2020+ strategy. We know we can’t be successful unless our workforce is made up of diverse talent, and all EY people are fully involved and engaged. Our differences make us better. Leveraging our unique strengths and capabilities makes us stronger.

Around 1 billion people in the world have a disability, and 80% of people who experience a disability acquire it between the ages of 18 and 64 – the age range of our workforce. Our aim is to create a better working world, and this is why we are committing to the following areas of focus:

  • Enabling EY people to proudly bring their authentic and full selves to work every day
  • Delivering an inclusive employment journey for EY people – from how we recruit to how we develop, retain and promote
  • Providing a more accessible workplace through accommodations and accessible technology and building design
  • Equipping EY people with the skills and knowledge they need to be inclusive of people with disabilities

Valuable Leader: Gilbert Ghostine

Firmenich’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Duncan Tait

Region: Global

Fujitsu’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Fujitsu, we make it a top priority to build a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can be completely themselves and succeed. When people feel confident to talk openly about their disabilities and request the adjustments they need to carry out their roles effectively, we can unlock the full potential of disabled talent.

I have committed to hold a board discussion to ensure we make progress in 4 key areas:

  • Speed up the process of implementing workplace adjustments for people with disabilities
  • Improve accessibility in internal and external communications, such as insisting on subtitles on all videos and including accessibility ribbons on our blogs
  • Introduce a Work Experience week for young people with learning disabilities
  • Autistica has just been appointed as our UK national charity partner so I intend to ensure we maximise our learning for supporting people with autism

I have also personally committed to getting 20 more companies to join The Valuable 500.

Valuable Leader: Bill Michael

Region: United Kingdom

KPMG’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Our ambition is to be a magnet for the most talented people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or socio-economic background. Inclusion, diversity and social equality are fundamental to this and our future success. Our business thrives when we harness diversity of experience, background and thought to bring together different perspectives. It makes us a great place to work for our people, and it benefits our clients too. We don’t just want to push ourselves. We want to be leaders in this work – with our clients and other stakeholders who look to us for our advice, guidance and action.

As part of our Valuable 500 commitment, we will:

  • Continue to prioritise Inclusion, Diversity and Social Equality as a Board level issue, with a focus on disability inclusion
  • Hold ourselves to account by continuing to set and monitor progress against our public disability target
  • Partner with leading disability organisations to enhance our programmes designed to recruit, retain and progress colleagues with disabilities and long term conditions
  • Use our convening ability to influence the Board level debate around disability and promote Valuable 500 to the wider business community

Valuable Leader: António Horta-Osório

Region: United Kingdom

Lloyds Banking Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We will continue to drive activity which supports, sustains, and promotes an inclusive and diverse organisation for customers and colleagues with visible and non-visible disabilities. We are committed to;

  • Empowering and supporting colleagues to talk about their Mental Health at work
  • Further improving the accessibility of our products and services available to customers through increased use of technology
  • Educating and raising awareness around disability, learning from, and sharing best practice with other organisations

Valuable Leader: Jonas Prising

Manpower’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Nick Varney

Region: United Kingdom

Merlin Entertainments’ Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Satya Nadella

Region: Central America

Microsoft’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Janet Riccio

Region: Global

Omnicom’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Brad MacAfee

Region: Global

Porter Novelli’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Kevin Ellis

Region: United Kingdom

PwC’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At PwC we have made a public and internal commitment to improve the diversity of our workforce by building a culture of inclusion –  a culture that empowers all of our people to be the best they can be and where everyone feels valued. Disability is a key area of focus for us in our inclusion strategy. 15% of the UK’s workforce are disabled and 80% of those acquiring disabilities do so between the ages of 18 and 64 – the working age – so this is an important issue for business, and at PwC we have clear actions to support disability inclusion.

We’ve made significant investment in a wide range of assistive technology including Dragon, Text Help, Zoom Text etc.  and we have a team dedicated to ensuring our technology is accessible and raising awareness of the specific tools available as well as the native tech in Google and iPhones. Our people can visit our Tech Lounges, which display technology and phone choices, and get advice on which tech tools would best suit their needs.  One of our most popular events is the IT Escape Room, an immersive experience where our people learn about disabilities and assistive technology.

Our DAWN network (Disability, Ability, Wellbeing network) has a high profile and is very active in supporting both our disability inclusion and mental health agenda. They provide support, advice and information to their members and regularly host events to raise awareness and understanding of different disabilities. Additionally, their members play an important role advising our premises team on the accessibility of our offices and facilities, and our Inclusion team consults the network to inform the support we provide to people with disabilities.

We have a number of external relationships to support our work on disability. We are active members of the Business Disability Forum and consult them to inform our disability inclusion strategy.  Earlier this year we hosted an Accessibility Tech Showcase event for them which brought together accessibility IT companies with other BDF partners and we are members of their Technology Task Force. Our partnership with Auticon ( a social enterprise employing IT consultants on the autism spectrum)  has created work opportunities for individuals with Autism and has enhanced the Firm’s understanding of the adjustments needed to support individuals with autism in the workplace.

Valuable Leader: Tim Fallowfield

Region: United Kingdom

Sainsburys’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We, at Sainsbury’s, want to be the most inclusive retailer, where every single one of our colleagues can fulfil their potential and where all of our customers feel welcome when they shop with us. To ensure that we are, we are committing to the following:

  • We will continue to focus on inclusion and diversity at Board level, including our disability agenda
  • We will make further progress to enable our disabled colleagues to be the best they can be by embedding our workplace adjustment process across the group.
  • We will continue to raise the profile of our colleagues with disabilities through our role model campaign #thisisme
  • We will continue to create an accessible environment for all of our customers.”

Valuable Leader: Olivier Brandicourt

Sanofi’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Paul Polman

Region: Global

Unilever’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Jeff Dodds

Region: United Kingdom

Virgin Media’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Karren Brady

Region: United Kingdom

West Ham United’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Wael Moustapha

Xceed’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.

Valuable Leader: Tulsi Naidu

Region: United Kingdom

Zurich’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.